American Craft Council Baltimore Show!

Thank you to everyone who turned up at the ACC Baltimore show this past week! We've come home from a successful show with tons of work to do!

While there we came up with a brand new booth display, which took us two days to set up! For those of you who have seen me at previous shows you'll notice that now everything is switched to pure white, which makes the color in the jewelry stand out even more. ^_^

I've also implemented a color chart in my booth which I LOVE! Now everyone can combine their favorite colors and create their own custom piece of jewelry! 

A bunch of new designs were introduced at the show, as well. All of which I am now currently listing up in the shop! These embroidered "Crescent" earrings are my new favs!

Despite the long set up, we had a wonderful time and the show was fabulous. I was in awe at how much talent was in a single location! 

Can't wait for next year!

The final show display. :)

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