Keelin Brett has become "Coralized"

A business name change is something I've debated for a few years now. Many people including professors and fellow artists, repeatedly told me your personal name should be your company name. It works great for many designers, but even though I love my name, I was never quite comfortable with Keelin Brett as the company name. 
What got me to change it was my clients. I was repeatedly told they were having a hard time remembering my name or couldn't spell it, BUT they remembered my Coralization technique and found me that way. Therefore, I'm biting the bullet and plunging into the name change! I'm a little scared, a little nervous, but extremely EXCITED! 
In celebration of the name change, Coralized will be launching two new lines by end of August! Just in time for the upcoming holiday season! can still be accessed, but you will be automatically redirected to The Etsy shop still remains under KeelinBrett- only for a little longer!

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