made by hand

At GEMNIA, we're passionate about the natural beauty of gemstones and the properties they provide. Our mission is to share that love through our jewelry so others may benefit from it too. Therefore, 100% of our jewelry is handmade to order with each client in mind.

All of our metal is sourced from recycled materials in the USA and Italy. By using only what we need to make each piece, we minimize waste and do our part to be environmentally conscious. With each purchase, you are not only receiving beautifully crafted jewelry, but also supporting our passion for sustainability and love for the planet.

The designer

Hey there! I'm Keelin, owner and designer at GEMNIA. As a bit of a gemstone enthusiast, I have a deep appreciation for all varieties of stones, not just the sought-after, well-known ones. My interest especially extends to those I discover in my backyard or while hiking or traveling.
As a child, I always kept a rock in my pocket, pretending it was a magical amulet that granted wishes, or transported me to other realms. I still haven’t found a stone that does either of those things, but my fascination has turned into a love of gemstone jewelry. Whether we wear it to match a top, for spiritual properties, or just because it’s pretty, a gem is like a little piece of magic that makes us feel beautiful and empowered. I like to think of them as tiny parts of the Earth’s history that bring meaning and purpose. 

How Gemnia began

I have a mix of self-taught and formal education in jewelry design. In college, I pursued two majors, Political Science and Studio Art, and it was during this time I discovered jewelry design. Not long after, I continued my studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. 
My initial jewelry collections showcased intricate beadwork and unconventional weaving patterns, a style I still specialize in for customized work and art shows. Yet, as a result of repeated requests from customers for stones with specific energy or spiritual qualities, I found myself gravitating back to my first love, gems. This eventually sparked my current work – creating minimalist pieces with purpose and intention.