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Natural Ruby in Green Kyanite Necklace

Natural Ruby in Green Kyanite Necklace

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Recently found in Southern India, Ruby in Kyanite is a beautiful, natural combination of the two gemstones. Ruby encourages us to follow our bliss, while Kyanite is a gem of connection. Together, they are believed to help release old patterns that no longer serve our highest good, as well as, protect us from negativity. They create an energetic support for the throat, heart, and root chakras, as well.

This necklace is handcrafted with natural Ruby in Kyanite. The Ruby sits in its hexagonal shape surrounded by green Kyanite. The edges of each stone are slightly raw and the size of the Ruby varies from piece to piece. The chain and clasp come in sterling silver or 14k gold filled. 

- Natural Ruby in Kyanite
- Stone Size: average 19 to 25mm (.75" to 1")
- Stone Shape: Free Form Oval Slice, Smooth Polished
- 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Chain

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