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Rainbow Mystic Topaz Teardrop Necklace

Rainbow Mystic Topaz Teardrop Necklace

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Topaz is a joyful gemstone that promotes clear thinking, increased energy, and creativity. It is believed to banish negativity, while increasing openness, honesty, self-control, and helps one to perceive truth in themselves and others.

This necklace is handmade with a Rainbow Mystic Topaz faceted drop. The gemstone has not been coated or treated like most Mystic Topaz. However, it is similar to a doublet with two pieces of natural, clear Topaz sandwiched over a sliver of rainbow coloring. This makes the shifting rainbow color a permanent effect that will never rub off. Please note, natural, minor inclusions are present within each stone.

STONE SIZE: average 12mm (.5")
STONE SHAPE: Faceted Teardrop, Heart Briolette
METAL: 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver

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