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Raw Sunstone and Crystal Quartz Earrings

Raw Sunstone and Crystal Quartz Earrings

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Light weight and soon to be your favorite, these earrings are handmade with natural, raw Crystal Quartz and Sunstone! All metals are either sterling silver or 14kt gold filled. Please note, since each stone is raw and natural the shapes, sizes, and lengths of each stone and earring will vary.

First discovered in Norway, Sunstone gets its shimmering nature from tiny pieces of Hematite. It is believed that this gem carries the uplifting energy of the sun, and is perfect for those who are stuck in a rut or need a little reminder to live and enjoy life. It is a stone of empowerment that helps your true self shine, while encouraging joy, passion, and good fortune.
While, Rock Crystal, also known as Crystal Quartz is said to be the ultimate healing stone that balances and revitalizes the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the body. It’s believed to amplify the energy or intent given to it, while enhancing the energies of other gemstones it's placed with.

EARRING LENGTH: average 2.75 inches (6.35 cm)--includes the earring hook.

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