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Tiny Minimalist Amethyst Drop Necklace, 14k Gold Filled

Tiny Minimalist Amethyst Drop Necklace, 14k Gold Filled

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If you're looking for a dainty, sparkly necklace with powerful properties, this tiny pale Amethyst drop necklace is for you! Crafted with 14k gold filled, this delicate beauty will add a subtle pop of color and good vibes to your day. 

Amethyst is believed to bring its bearer protection and healing, while enhancing passion, creativity, and spirituality. It's also said to assist with temperance and sobriety, as well as inflammation.

This necklace is handcrafted with a small pale purple Amethyst faceted drop. Each stone is genuine, and therefore contains inclusions or natural crystal formations. They are dipped in 24k gold electroplate and set onto a 14k gold filled chain.

GEMSTONE: Purple Amethyst
STONE SIZE: average 7mm (.27")
STONE SHAPE: Faceted Onion
METAL: 14kt Gold Filled

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